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Virtual Consultations within myindici: Patient Instructions

Booking a virtual consultation with your GP

You will need access to myindici Patient Portal, if you don’t have myindici call your medical centre to discuss this.

1. Login to myindici via the website or app

2. Go to Appointments > Book an appointment

3. Find available time slot and book appointment using appointment type ‘virtual consult’

Beginning your virtual consultation

1. Before your appointment is scheduled to start, login to myindici on your smartphone or tablet (via the app – available for download on iOS or Android)

2. Click appointments > My Appointments

Before you begin the video call you can test your microphone and speakers by clicking ‘Test Video Call’

3. Click Start Consult

4. A new screen will open, enter your name in the pop-up window

5. Wait for your GP to join the call

You can chat with your GP using the chat box on the bottom right of the screen

Once the call is finished click END in the top right corner to close the call.

Paying for the virtual consultation

Your Medical Centre will either add the amount owing to your account to be paid next time you visit the practice or send you an invoice

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2 comentarios

Jack Grealish
Jack Grealish
30 ago 2023

For counseling, I suggest using this program. Here is a link to it. It allows you to record from the computer screen.

Me gusta

Why do you keep messing about with things . What is wrong with ringing the doctors for a appointment. Going on line with my Indici means I can’t get an appointment for several weeks. This is no good I somet need an appointment a lot sooner. I am very unhappy with all these changes .

Me gusta
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