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Important update – Monday 23 March

Please be aware following the announcement from the Royal College of General Practitioners.  All patients will be triaged before your appointments even if you have already booked. We are cancelling My Indici patients bookings. Please expect to be offered telephone advice or Video consultation.

We need to minimise the amount of people in the waiting room, this means non essential consultations may be dealt with in a different way (i.e. smears, Drivers License). If you do need to be examined you will be seen if urgent. All patients will be expected to wait in your car until your appointment time where a staff member will collect you.

Please be patient with us at this time. Please watch our facebook page or our website for updated information.

The best way for us to do Virtual Consultations with the Doctor is through My Indici, if you aren't registered please ring or email and we can set you up.  We are triaging all patient consultations and if you do have to come in let us know you are here by phone or coming to the door but  wait in your car until the doctor calls you in.

Virtual Consultations within My Indici

Patient Instructions:

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Mahara Health
Mahara Health
Apr 05, 2020

Good morning, please call us on 04 908 1000 and we will help you get set up. Best regards


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